1. Title of Qualification
Version #
  1013HRC02- National Vocational Certificate Level 3 in Hospitality (Chef de Partie)


 2. NVQF Level


 3. Total Credits


 4. Purpose of the Qualification
To engage young people with a programme of development that will provide them with the knowledge, skills and understanding to start their career as Chef De Partie.


 5. Details of Qualification    
 Code  Competency Standards  Level  Credit
101300050Prepare, cook and finish complex sweet dishes 34
101300049Prepare, cook and finish complex bread and dough products36
101300048Prepare, cook and finish complex dressings and cold sauces34
101300047Prepare, cook and finish complex hot sauces34
101300046Prepare, cook and finish complex vegetable dishes34
101300045Prepare, cook and finish fresh pasta and rice dishes36
101300044Prepare, cook and finish complex fish and shellfish dishes 38
101300043Prepare, cook and finish complex poultry dishes38
101300042Prepare, cook and finish complex meat dishes38
101300041Prepare, cook and finish complex soups 34
101300040Develop advanced skills in food preparation and cooking 46
101300039Maintain production of food 46
101300038Supervise the kitchen section 36
101300037Coordinate the operation of the kitchen section36


 6. Credit Range


 7. Equivalencies, cross credits, pre requisites
There are no equivalences and cross credits. The entry pre-requisites to this qualifications include: • Trained and qualified as a cook for at least 2 years, with 2 years experience in a commercial hospitality kitchen (e.g. hotel, restaurant, club, industrial canteen)ORMinimum Matric or intermediate plus 4 years’ cooking experience in a commercial hospitality kitchen (e.g. hotel, restaurant, club, industrial canteen) and completion of appropriate admission assessment• Should also be competent at Level 3 in English and numeracy. It is preferred that trainees have completed 12 years of education with Intermediate or A Level


 8. Requirements for accumulation of credits
No requirements for accumulation of credit


 9. Requirement for the award of the Qualification
No prior requirements for the award of the qualification


 10. Transition arrangements for current courses, awards etc
No transition arrangements for current courses, awards etc.


 11. Standard Setting Body


 12. Remarks


 13. ISCED Classfication
Hotel, restaurants and catering | 1013



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